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Prescription Free Sleeping Pills
Prescription Free Sleeping Pills: Are They Safe?

Due to hectic schedules and lack of time, people often avoid booking appointments and visiting their doctors for seeking medical help when they face trouble in getting proper sleep. People, who are already aware of which medication suits them, can order prescription free sleeping pills online without wasting any time. However, there are always several options in front of you to choose from. So, here, we will talk about different types of sleeping aids so that you can easily figure the best option for you.
Types of Sleeping Aids
Sleeping aids are generally categorized into three main categories.
• Prescription drugs
• Over the counter sleep aids
• Natural sleep aids
Prescription Drugs
Prescription sleeping pills and tablets target different parts of the brain to induce sleep. While sleeping medication like Zolpidem (Ambien, Diazepam and others) activates the neurotransmitter GABA and binds it to the GABA receptors for inducing sleep, medication like Doxepin blocks histamine receptors for enabling the person to stay asleep for the whole night. Prescription drugs require prescription because they are used to treat chronic insomnia and sleep disorders like sleepwalking. These drugs have stronger effects which usually cause extreme drowsiness and other problems, if not taken as prescribed.
But with the advent of online shopping, people can now easily access prescription free sleeping pills to get enough and healthy sleep. However, to be safe and informed, it is always better to choose a pill after going through its chemical composition and side-effects.
Over-the-counter sleep aids
Pills which are generally provided over the counter are antihistamines. They should be used for short-term sleepiness, not insomnia. These medications have mild side-effects such as drowsiness and therefore, they can be bought over-the-counter without any prescription. But, as every sleeping pill comes with its own drawbacks, there are instances where these pills can be unsafe for people.
Natural Sleep Aids
These are the aids which involve dietary and herbal supplements that contain ingredients like melatonin, valerian or chamomile. Just like over-the-counter sleep aids, these aids are also not effective for treating long term insomnia. They are suitable to provide relief and relaxation to your mind which is essential for having healthy sleep. These aids come in a variety of forms such as herbal teas, pills or even ointments.
Is taking sleeping pills safe?
No matter, if you are using prescription pills or over-the-counter pills, you must use them only for a short duration. They must be consumed on a regular basis for a long period of time. When you use them as prescribed for a short time period, they won’t affect you much. It is when they are used in improper dose on a long-term basis, they become dangerous.
So, while taking prescription free sleeping pills, you should always be cautious of their correct dosage, possible side-effects and the ingredient which are allergic for you.