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Alprazolam Sleeping Pills and Tablets
Alprazolam Sleeping Pills and Tablets, A Solution To Sleeping Disorders

Alprazolam is a sleeping pill that treats anxiety and panic disorders. This type of medication is also known as benzodiazepines, which acts on the brain and nerves, producing calmness in minds. It is enhancing the effects of certain chemicals in the body. Alprazolam is mainly a tranquilizer causing drowsiness. The intake and stoppage of Alprazolam need to do with advice from the doctors as the medicine might have harmful withdrawal symptoms.

This prescription medication is treating anxiety and panic disorders in the best possible manner. The medicine comes in the form of a tablet and it is an orally disintegrating tablet. It is taken in an oral solution forms 2 to 4 times a day, with or without food. Alprazolam 1mg Sleeping Pills take care of your sleeping disorder problem and it is mainly taken in the morning time. It can become a common addiction if taken for a longer duration. There are many side effects of alprazolam that include sleepiness, lightheadedness, tiredness, and coordination problems.

Recommendation of dosage

This sedative-hypnotic drug can release nervousness, tension, and some other anxiety symptoms by slowing of the central nervous system. The dosage of the drug will block the effects of a specific chemical involved in the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain, decreasing the excitement level of the nerve cells. The tablet comes in 0.25-mg, 0.5-mg, 1-mg and 2-mg tablets, and 1-mg/ml solution.

The initial adult dose for anxiety is taken three times daily. 1-mg solution of a tablet is enough to take care of the sleeping disorder problems. The dosage can also be increased every three to four days until the total daily dosage ranges from 2–10 mg. The tablets should not be used by patients who are pregnant or those who are allergic to any other benzodiazepine drug. The doses need to be regulated carefully for proper treatment of mental disorders.

Side-effects of Alprazolam

Here is the list of side-effect that you can encounter –

  • Sedation
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness

The intensity of the side effects is declining gradually and subsides in 8 weeks. There will be a drop in blood pressure and increase in heart rate. There will also be effects like decreased sex drive, menstrual disorders, and both weight gain and weight loss have been associated with alprazolam use.

Keep in mind that the drug should not be taken with similar depressants like alcohol, other sedatives, sleeping pills, or tranquilizers. People using high doses of the drug should avoid driving, the operation of machinery, and engaged in hazardous activities. There should be the least mental awareness until they see how the drug affects them. Discontinuing the use of the drug after several weeks may cause uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. Consult with the doctor at the time of starting the drug usage and also reach out to the doctors for pain-free withdrawal process.